5 Things for Newbie Biz Owners



Think about your goals as opposed to criticism, technique or perfection. If you concentrate on those things, you will never get anything done.
– Ariana Nuccio

5 Things to remember when starting a business


You can’t do enough. Take the time to read about your industry or type of business.

  • Subscribe to a magazine or e-magazine
  • Check Facebook for groups that concentrate on your business : examples on the link
  • Check Facebook for groups that are for entrepreneurs
  • Facebook can be an incredible resource – use the search tool to find who’s talking about your industry
  • Even if you know your industry or business well – it’s going to be about your potential client, not you.


I didn’t include this in the research because it’s separate. In that I mean reading books from people who are leaders in your type of business is a good way to get some perspective. They were most likely entrepreneurs themselves.  Here are some tips:

  • Find individual industry leaders for example: Former Forbes CEO Jack Welch has written books
  • Check your local library for info on entrepreneurs with books
  • Start with only a couple – don’t overwhelm yourself
  • Here are some to start with and they’re some of my favorites that I’ve learned a lot from:

Do, don’t think!

Take a moment and have a brainstorming session. Take a piece of paper or do this on your computer or tablet and start writing everything that comes to your mind – no need to organize or think too much about it… really – starting a business takes guts. This starts to train you to just get it out there and starting thinking outside the box. You’re an entrepreneur after all. It’s what we do and why you want to start your business, right?

Don’t throw any ideas away. You never know how they may help you in the long run or if they’ll be the next big thing. It’s also really neat to look back on them after some milestones.

Start networking now!

Get into groups that meet physically or virtually – most of them are free. Here are some good resources:

Online profiles

The mention of LinkedIn takes us to the next and final point. Get some online profiles. This will give you a head start on your digital strategy. Way too many times, people start these last. You want attention and this is how to get it early on. Ask your “cheerleaders” to follow, like, share, etc.

Again, only do about 3 so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Here are a few to choose from that I feel will help!

Thanks for reading! 

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