Everyone likes a quickie, right? Apps for Entrepreneurs!

"We succeeded in turning around the business ... just in the wrong direction."

“We succeeded in turning around the business … just in the wrong direction.”

Hello Everyone!

Just thought I would drop a line and share some info that I have been reading about recently. I was researching some productivity and/or project management tools and came across articles stating that these are in fact all very different from each other!

We live in an intensely digital world and have turned to tasking and project management online as well as in the written form. Because there is so much information out there about these things, I thought I would share some articles written by Jill from PCMag.com. Now you will at least have a good starting point if you are ever looking for productivity or project management apps!

Apps for Entrepreneurs

Read the Best Project Management Software article here 

Read the Online Collaboration article here

Read the Best Productivity Apps article here 

Hope you enjoyed these and all the great info and next time we’ll talk about how to get your website shared on social media!


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